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Please use the contact form below for any questions you may have about SAT or ACT preparation or any other subject in Greater Cincinnati, OH, or online.

Some Testimonials from Our Clients

It’s hard to say more than recommending a great service you’ve used to a friend. We try our best to exceed the expectations of the parents and students who have even the loftiest academic goals, but we are only human. Nevertheless, we believe in the system and techniques of Test Prep Aces and we believe the hundreds of clients who are willing to recommend us and who have given referrals to their friends speaks volumes of the difference our tutoring can make in the life of a hard-working student. We invite you to read the references below and please call us if you would like to speak to any families personally (many are not featured in these testimonials, but we will update this page when opportune).

Mike, FYI, an update on our son's scores: SAT 2020. Superscore: Reading 640, Math 730, Writing 650. It was a big increase from the 1810 in Dec 2012. He also received National Achievement Outstanding Participant on the PSAT where he increased by about 30 points from his previous PSAT score. ACT: 28. Superscore 29. Thanks so much for your help.

I'd like to thank Michael DiSalvo for the excellent work he's done with my daughter, currently a freshman. We needed to get her ACT scores up to help her with scholarship opportunities as she was excelling in her athletic career at the time and was potentially going to be recruited. In the short amount of time we had with her busy school schedule, we were able to increase her ACT score by four points to a 29! That she should improve so much as a freshman is really unbelievable! We will use him again soon when she is in her final push junior year.

I recommend Michael DiSalvo without hesitation. My son had great grades but wasn't as confident about standardized testing. Michael not only worked to build his confidence, but taught him the most solid taking skills so he could get through the tests more quickly. In addition, Michael found some areas where my son needed remediation so we were able to take the ACT only one time to get a 33, the 99th percentile. In short, Michael handled it all, and beautifully.

Brent, thanks so much for the fine job you did tutoring our son for the ACT. You were professional, punctual, and effective.

To whom it may concern, I would like through this means to testify on the professional qualities of Mr. Michael DiSalvo as a SAT tutor and to share my experience with him in helping my daughter Cristina bring up her SAT score by a total of 170 points. During a two month period, Mr. DiSalvo diligently worked with my daughter to not only increase her overall score but to influence her entire attitude towards study. At then end of this period Cristina not only increased 170 points on her SAT score, she also became much more conscious of the importance of exceeding in her academic endeavors and the impact it would have on her future college opportunities.

Mr. DiSalvo demonstrated at all times to be a real subject matter expert in his field with a great depth of understanding of the topics he taught. Not only did he teach the subjects, he also identified the potential issues that would keep my daughter from doing better. In her specific case, test anxiety seemed to be a problem and he was able to quickly diagnose it the very first day and recommend a solution which proved to be effective. Through our conversations with Mr. DiSalvo, it became evident to both my wife and myself that he had broad knowledge of the entire SAT process, not just the subject matters. In addition to his expertise, Mr. DiSalvo consistently exhibited very high levels of respect and professionalism, as well as a fair sense of flexibility. His commitment towards his work went well beyond the fulfillment of the agreed upon schedule- despite reasonable inconvenience, such as Hurricane Wilma, Mr. DiSalvo did not miss one single appointment and was flexible enough to make accommodations upon our request in more than one occasion.

As a senior Human Resources professional working for over 20 years in a Fortune 500 Corporation, I believe I can provide an objective assessment on Mr. DiSalvo’s professional qualities. I find him to be both a true professional and a subject matter expert in his field. I consider his accomplishments with my daughter Cristina a real success story and highly recommend him as an SAT tutor for any student wanting to improve his/her SAT score.

I provide this recommendation voluntarily, free of personal interests and without any favors expected from or offered by Mr. DiSalvo.

We have GREAT news! Marisa just received her acceptance to the University of Florida. She is absolutely ecstatic, and we have to thank you for this achievement. Not only was this her first choice, but she now qualifies for 100% paid tuition through the state of Florida's "Bright Futures Program"....
...Prior to your SAT tutoring of our daughter and despite taking the Kaplan course plus eight weeks of private tutoring from another service, Marisa's best score on the SAT was 1170 out of 1600. This fell significantly short of the score necessary for the University of Florida. However, after your eight weeks of instruction with Marisa, she received a combined score of 1290. This increase was dramatic and unusual according to the College Board. I feel certain that if we had seen you prior to the October test, her score would have likely been even higher.

Our daughter was very pleased with the tutoring she received from Michael, as were we. We opted for private tutoring primarily for scheduling reasons, and Michael was very accommodating. He met with our daughter for eight sessions over about four weeks. He carefully tailored his instructional time to her specific needs. He evaluated her level in their first session and assigned reasonable amounts of work between sessions. He also gave her tips on managing test anxiety. She had taken the SAT once before their first meeting, and on her retake after the tutoring sessions she raised her math and verbal sections by 80 points total, enough to qualify her for some programs she is interested in.

When our teenage daughter got the results of her first SAT, we feared there was little chance of her being accepted to the college of her preference, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA. Shortly after that first test, we were blessed to come in contact with Michael DiSalvo. Our daughter worked with Michael throughout the summer, and, after two more tries at the SAT, she was able to raise her combined score by 220 points, and get herself in range for acceptance at TAC. It was a very happy day when our daughter received her acceptance letter. She never could have done it without Michael's expertise, guidance and encouragement. Thank you, Michael!

Hi Michael. Just a quick note to again thank you for the work you've put in with Grant. His SAT scores - 750 Math, 700 Reading, 670 Writingcombined with the 34 ACT composite - have put him in a very good position. He will be enrolling at Yale next fall. Thanks again.

I cannot give enough praise to Michael DiSalvo, my daughter's tutor for the ACT and SAT tests. His methods are very effective. Without Mr. DiSalvo, my daughter's PSAT scores predicted she would score approximately 1930 over the three sections of the SAT test. She scored more than 200 POINTS HIGHER than that, with a 2150! (700 - M, 720 - V, 730 - W). Her ACT score was even more impressive - a 33 composite, which put her in the 99 percentile - the top 1% of test takers! We are thrilled with the scores! [This client's other daughter was also helped into the 99th percentile by Mr DiSalvo].

Michael's one-on- one sessions tremendously helped my daughter's math and verbal skills. She was able to receive in-depth help from the moment she and Michael started. Claire worked with Michael before her first ACT test and she scored a 31!

Michael knows the material inside and out, and showed me how to focus on areas where I needed the most help. [Student scored into 99th percentile on ACT]

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