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Please use the contact form below for any questions you may have about SAT or ACT preparation or any other subject in Greater Cincinnati, OH, or online.

Online Test Prep

With the use of a web cam and microphone and a cable internet connection, students are now able to take advantage of modern technology to receive high-quality one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own home from a professional tutor. Mr. DiSalvo first made use of this technology to continue with his clients who needed expert tutoring help at a distance, and even decided to begin with a client from Florida who had tracked him down in his location in Ohio. Though the student already had a 680 on the Math section on the SAT, he was actually able to get a perfect Math score and Verbal score over 700 by through the online format, which was actually fairly unable in 2006.

Michael has now has made this program permanently available for those who want to receive training in the same critical thinking skills that have earned his students their dramatic increases, but current technology not only allows stable audio and visual concourse, but allows advance tools, including whiteboard interaction, though working from common texts is still recommended.

Please call 1-513-939-9033 or email for more information.

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